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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Alternate fuels in automobiles

Alternate fuels in automobiles

Fuel alternatives are being manufactured on a daily basis. What might be the alternatives to the fuel that we are currently using? There is an alternative to that big buck vehicle we use and it can be easier to handle, costs less and most importantly in the present scenario it should keep the air cleaner from pollution as compared to using gasoline or diesel. One form of alternate fuel is the use of biodiesel. Biodiesel is a form of alternate fuel for running automobiles.

The use of biodiesel mixture is cheaper comparatively. Biodiesel is already being tested and is used in many places. It is being used in farms, in manufacturing and is being tested by many automobile makers. Biodiesel is not always a mixture of just diesel and additional vegetable oils, but an alternate source of fuels can also be found in soybeans, sunflowers and used vegetable oils.

Electricity is also a fuel alternative for vehicles. You just have to charge your car overnight, and the next day you can go for a ride.Your ride is going to be ready right at your home, no need to stop at the gas station and no worries about the emission, because an electric car is not going to give off the pollution that a gasoline or diesel car would.

Before using any other type of fuel in your vehicle, it is necessary to learn about that type of fuel. Do you need to change the alternator or the valves or the intake or carburetor. Small difference is there when changing to biodiesel or to soybean but when changing to electric or if you are considering running a motor on recycle garbage such as foods, then you must learn about harnessing the energy in those items before putting them in the gas tank.
Solar energy can also be used as alternate fuel energy.


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