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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Man and his environment

Man and his environment

The long and tortuous evolution of the human race in the planet has reached a stage, when through the rapid growth of science and technology, he had acquired the power to transform his environment in countless ways. Both aspects of the environment, natural and man-made, is essential to well-being of man and to the enjoyment of basic human right-even the right to life itself.

The protection and improvement of the human environment is a major issue which affects the well being of people and economic development throughout the world. It is the urgent need of the people of the world and duty of all government.

We see the growing evidence of man-made harm in many regions of the world. Dangerous levels of pollution in water, air, earth and living beings, major , undesirable disturbances to the ecological balance of the bioshpere, Tsunamis, hurricane, storms and earthquakes. There is destruction and depletion of irreplaceable resources, and gross deficiencies harmful to the physical, mental and social health of man.

In the developing countries most of the environmental problems are caused by under-development. Millions live far below the minimum levels required for a decent human existence, and are deprived of adequate food, clothing, shelter, education, health and sanitation. The developing countries must put effort to development ,bearing in mind their priorities and also must safeguard and improve their environment. At the same time, the industrialised countries, should make efforts to reduce the gap between themselves and the developing countries. The environmental problems in industrialise countries are generally related to industrialization and technological development.

The continuous population growth also presents problem on the preservation of the environment.

For the purpose of attaining freedom of nature, man must use knowledge to build, in collaboration with nature, a better environment. To achieve this it will take acceptance and responsibility of citizens and communities and enterprises and institutions at every level, all sharing equitably in common efforts. Local and national governments should bear the burden of large-scale environmental policy and action within their jurisdiction.International cooperation is needed to raise resources to support the developing countries in carrying out their responsibilities in this field.


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