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Friday, April 2, 2010

Production of climate-resistant crops

Production of climate-resistant crops

Climatic change have affected so many other faculties around the world, some we are aware of and others we are not. In other word,the impact of climate change can be considered huge in various fields, e.g. there has been production of climate-resistant crops as a result of that-:

Recently,some of the agricultural bio-technological companies have claimed that they have produced, genetically engineered climate –resistant crops in view of the changing world climate.Such crops would not be affected by the extremes of temperature. But the environmental activists are speaking out against it claiming it as biopiracy.

Biotech companies say that these new crops will be able to withstand the harsh environmental conditions of the a future planet affected by climate change. But the activists argue that the industry is simply looking to profit from long-established traditional knowledge.

There is no law that requires the disclosure of the origin of biological resources or associated traditional knowledge. Many countries are trying to acknowledge the production of origin of such crops and to share the benefits if at all.

The applications for the so-called climate ready genes have already been submitted around the world. But it may only be the new strategy by the biotech industry to profit from climate change. They might have seen a silver lining in climate change, an opportunity to assert that agriculture can only win the war against climate change with genetic engineering.


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