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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Climate change deal among nations

Climate change deal

The likelihood of a new global climate change deal starting soon is diminishing. The countries are so far apart on various issues on this topic. As per the Bali roadmap, everyone hoped the 15th session of the conference of the parties to the UN framework convention on Climate Change in Copenhagen would yield a deal to replace Kyoto Protocal, which will expire in 2012.

Although there was 30 page draft negotiating text grew to 200 pages during the 12 day talks, there was no progress on how to share the burden of future emission cuts. Developed countries have not offered emission reduction commitments to the extent required to stabilize the atmospheric concentration of greenhouse gases (GHGs). Many developing countries have demanded that rich countries take the lead by cutting their emissions by 25-40 percent by 2020 over 1990 levels.

The European Union has set itself the target of 20 percent reduction by 2020.It has offered to deepen it’s targeted cut to 30 percent , if other advanced economies , including the United States do the same. The US, wants fast developing countries such as Brazil, China and India also to make emission reduction commitments.

However, hopes that US would offer significant reduction commitments are increasingly giving rights to doubts. A climate-change bill was passed by US house of representatives, which if approved would cut US emissions by 17 percent by 2020. This approach would translate into reduction of only 4 percent compared to 1990 levels. Though the bill entails an 83 percent reduction by 1050, this an inadequate short-term target deprives the otherwise impressive long term commitment of meaning.

Futhermore ,the provisions in US bill that allow the application of border measures to import from other countries that fail to take measures to reduce GHGs emissions could further deepen divisions between US and the developing world.

Thus, the deal whose implementation will be effective in combating climatic change can emerge only if the developed countries and fast developing countries bulge from their current stance.


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