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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Environmental Programs in Nepal

Environmental Programme in Nepal

The awareness and the protection program of the environment has become a burning issue .In recent times we are all aware of and curious to save our planet and now are ready to take upon the resposibility of saving our planet. Environment protection programs is increasing on a world-wide basis. Likewise In Nepal too , various environment friendly programs are being held from time to time.

The youth are specially seen to be participating on such programs. A few years back ,water rafting competition was held on the Bagmati river that runs through the Kathmandu valley.The condition of the Bagmati has been dereriorating since so many years and it has become a dumping site of all kinds. The water is dark , dirty smelling and stagnant ,except during the rainy season. So,it is not practical to raft through the river. The program was organized just to bring about awareness.

Similarly, certain school takes their students to various unauthorized dumping sited to initiate the clearing process.Althouh ,the cleaning program is just for a day or few hours it is hoped to encourage others to do the same and not to litter wastes just anywhere.

Recently, there was another environment protection program with the slogan”Mero bhawishya mero chaso” meaning my future , my concern. It encouraged people to join hands in saving the environment in various little ways they can.


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