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Monday, April 5, 2010

A Summary

A Summary

The global warming or rather the climate change occurring around the world can be seen and felt on almost a day to day basis these days. It can be seen emerging as a huge problem world-wide. It is affecting our environment and in turn, it is affecting us.Many faculties are being affected by it directly or indirectly. Business and trade, and in turn our global economy is indirectly affected by climate change as is our technology. Similarly, it has claimed many lives e.g. the tsunami, hurricanes occurrences are believed to be the outcome of climate change.

Many world leaders have taken it upon themselves to come forward and bring others in joining hands too ,to find a solution to global warming and climate change.First and foremost is the must of the developed and industrialized nations to cut down on their greenhouse gas emissions, along with less use of fossil fuel and nonrenewable energy sources. Industrial emissions , and automobile emissions also contribute to polluting the environment. Deforestation is other culprit faculty, non- recyclable items like plastics comes in that category too.

Many major factories and companies world-wide are now working on the possibilities of alternative fuels. The use of Solar energy is the best and can be used in central heating, in automobiles, in cell phones and in vast number of other things.

The temperature of the Earth is now increasing at such an alarming rate that the real question is ‘Is the steps taken by the nations and their leaders and the agreement made on various Earth saving issues is enough to counterbalance the negative effects produced and is there a required amount of reduction on the production of greenhouse gases now to save the planet in the future?The studies shown have not confirmed relieving results. Even the recent climate change summit in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 2009 December had it’s limitations and did not succeed as many had hoped.

The most affected are the ‘underdeveloped and developing nations and their citizen’ cause those nations did very little to deteriorate and pollute the environment ratio wise as compared to other developed nations. Some of their economy is just starting to boom but alas, having to be pushed back due new environmental agreements. They are being the victims of environmental hazards created by the pollution made mostly by developed industrialized countries.

However, the world is united now to face the angry challenge of nature, almost vindictive it seems if we look as some of the recent natural disasters.Nevertheless, it must be united in finding solutions , and take care of Mother Earth and make it a safe and healthy place for the present residents as well as for future ones.


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