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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Climate change-global warming and global cooling

Climate change-global warming and global cooling

There is a ongoing fluctuating of world climate , some years when temperature rises causing hazards like ice melting etc. which we all know is as global warming.Yet there is another undeniable theory or aspect we must know as global cooling.
Many scientists claimed that the earth was moving towards global cooling and reporters and media coverage were all about this , the effects it would bring . It was said that an ice age was coming and people were afraid. It was mainly highlighted in the 1970s. Just before this period there were proofs of the earth's rising temperature and so global warming was the focused issue. However, during the 70s many parts of the world was severely affected and large number of people died due cold and heavy snow.
Many scientists from the past have always warned that there would be ice age coming and the world climate during that time would change supporting this theory.But the scenario reverses after a decade or few and rising of the temperature prevails in many next years to come.
The result of both extremes of temperatures have caused havoc and loss of many lives.Recently, there is been simultaneous, warming of temperature and the temperature in some parts have fallen down drastically.Scientists have now been terming this word "climate change" rather than than the earlier Global warming, keeping in mind the fluctuation of temperature and climate .

There have been vast reduction in growth of crops following both warming and cooling.The growth is only good when the climatic condition is optimal .The climate change have caused starvation and death of large number of people due to reduced production of food.
The climate change occurring around the world is man-made , that it is caused by man ,s o now he must live with the consequences.


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