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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Types of Pollution

Types of Pollution

Every advance in technology means yet one more potential poison in our environment. The simplest definition of pollution may perhaps be’right thing in the wrong place’ e.g. salt in the sea is not pollution whereas salt in river is pollution. Pollution is disturbance or breach in the balance of nature.

The following are the types of pollution generally recognized-
1.Water Pollution:The presence, in concentration higher than normal, in natural waterways (lakes, streams, rivers and oceans) of dissolved or suspended foreign materials such as silt, chemicals, fecal matter, metallic elements organic material or nutrients.

2.Air pollution:The presence in the atmosphere of solid particles, liquid droplets or gaseous compounds which are not normally present or present in a concentration substantially greater than normal.

3.Waste pollution:The presence on land or water of solid material, organic or inorganic, which has no beneficial qualities.

4.Chemical pollution:The presence in plants and animal tissues including feed or foodstuffs, of adulterant chemicals which have no beneficial effect.

5.Thermal pollution:The discharge into the environment of stream of air or water which is at a different temperature from that of the environment at the point of discharge or downpour of this point.

6.Land pollution:Deforestation, industrialization, urbanization and indiscriminate use of fertilizers causes alarming degradation of earth and environment.

7.Oil pollution:Crude oil is another major pollutant particularly of the sea’s.

8.Noise pollution:Yes , it is also a type of pollution.The presence in the open atmosphere or in a confines space is considered undesirable, except by the people responsible for it.


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