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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hazards of Plastics

Hazards of PlasticsReusing Plastic Bottles can pose serious health problems.Refilling and reusing plastic bottles can release toxic cancer-causing chemicals-:

Most type of plastic bottles are safe to reuse at least a few times if properly washed with hot soapy water but chemicals may contaminate food and drinks in reused plastic bottles_such plastic bottles can contain trace amounts of Bisphenol A(BPA),a synthetic chemical that interferes with the body's natural hormonal messaging system.

Repeated use of such bottles which get dinged up through normal wear and tear and while being washed increases the chance that chemicals will leak out of the tiny cracks and crevices that develop over time.Studies done have linked BPA to breast and uterine cancer, an increased risk of miscarriages and decreased testosterone levels.BPA can also hamper with children's developing system,which is extremely risky cause most baby bottles and sippy cups are made with plastics containing BPA.

Recycling such plastics is far from environmentally responsible,although every municipal recycling system will take them back.The manufacture of plastic uses large amount of energy and resources and generates toxic emmisions and pollutants that cotribute to global warming
Hazards of Plastics
Safer reusable bottles do exist which include bottles crafted from HDPE low-density polyethylene or polypropylene.Aluminium bottles and stainless steel water bottles are also safe choices and can be used repeatedly and eventually recycled.


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