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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Environmental Issues and it's Effect 2

Environmental Issues And it's Effect

Carbon Dioxide and some other gases act like the glass in a green house.These greenhouse gases keep the earth warm.But excess amount of these gases are causing Global Warming.The chlorofluocarbons(CFCs)produced in the environment adds to the greenhouse effect and to the damage of ozone layer.Holes in the ozone layer would also lead to Global Warming as the earth would receive direct and unabsorbed rays of the Sun.

The rising of the world temperature even by a few degrees would mean a rise in the sea-level.This would mean millions of people in Bangladesh,much of Egypt’s farmland flooded,the destruction of cities like London and Venice and drough in various places as we have already seen.

An ozone hole is very dangerous as it allows free entry to ultraviolets rays causing health hazards like cataract and skin cancer.Excess ultraviolet radiation may also affect the body’s general ability to fight diseases.High doses of ultraviolet radiation can reduce the yields of basic crops.It also penetrates scores of meters below the surface of the oceans and kills phytoplankton and krill,which are at the very bottom of the ocean food chain.

It’s not that people are completely unaware of these facts .They are aware.Then why do they keep on doing things that they know will deteriorate the environment?There are different answers for different people.Some people probably for fuel,some for car’s efficienncy.The government does not ban the use of the harmful CFCs obviously for economic reason,because of the money and the demand of the people concerned.It does not stop the cutting of trees for the simple reason that there is no fuel to use in place of wood.
The awareness of all things has been for sometimes now .Many countries are “Green”.They care enough to worry about what humans are doing to earth and wish to save it for future generations.A movie was released recently a few years back by Al Gore and it showed how the Global Warming at today’s pace is going to affect the earth by the year 2050.The sea –level will rise and dislocate the land on various places and vast number of people, probably in miliions will be affected .
The detoriation is true not only in one or two countries but true internationally.Examples of this can be read,seen and heard everyday.How to solve this problem?Yes,to find an answer to this “how “different political parties come together for a summit,experts research about things,media is creating awareness program ,and finally it is upto every individual to take the responsibility by doing whatever little he can for the environment e.g. using less plastic bag.The ozone depletion can be stopped by various possible methods-

1.The offending chemical which lead to it’s depletion should be phases out from use.
2.if possible ,steps can be taken to pump ozone artificially to the stratosphere and
3.Remedial measures have to be taken in the meantime to minimize the health hazards like creating more public awareness.


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