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Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Hazards of Fireworks

The hazards of fireworksThe fireworks displays that go on around the U.S .every fourth of July are typically propelled by the ignition of gunpower.The fallout from these exhibition includes a variety of toxic pollution that rain down on neighborhoods from coast to coast,often in violation of federal "clean Air Act"standards.Fireworks can be toxic to humans-depending on the effect sought,fireworks produce smoke and dust that contain heavy metals,sulphur coal compounds,and other harmful chemicals.For example,Barium despite being very dangerous is used to produce green colour in firework displays.Copper componds is used to produce blue colour even though they contain dioxide which is linked to cancer.Similarly other chemicals are used for various effects although they cause several respiratarory and health probems.

The chemicals used in fireworks take their toll on the environment by causing water supply contamination and even acid rain.Their use also deposits physical litter on the groung and water for miles around.Some U.S. states and local government restricts the use of fireworks in accordance with guidelined set by The Clean Air Act.

Of course, firework displays are not restricted to use in U.S. independence day only,but is increasing in popularity in various countries some of which do not follow strct air pollution standards,According to the ecologist, the millenium celebrations 2000,caused worldwide pollution through out,filling the skies over populated areas with 'carcinogenic sulphur compounds and airborne arsenols'.

Do we really need fireworks?Many environmental and public safety advocates,rather see the celebration of Fourth of July in U.S. and other holidays without the use of pyrotechnics.Meanwhile,laser light shows can wow a crowd without the negative effects of fireworks.


Pyropls said...

There is a lot more we should be worrying about. Fireworks are not just for you to watch. People make a living at them. Take them away and you take peoples living away. Stop wooring about stupid things like fireworks. There is a lot of dirty stuff around. Get over it. If you don't like them then don't watch them. If you don't like the smell then don't smell them. if you don't want your job taken away then don't take one from somebody else. You don't want you rights taken away the don't take rights from somebody else.

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