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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Global warming-The price paying nations

Risk assessment for the hazardous waste management

As the saying goes, there is only one Earth. It is a reality .Another reality is that the Earth is deteriorating , that it is dying slowly and we as the residents living on it are responsible. Yes, all of us are responsible for bringing our Mother Earth to this state although it would not not be wrong to say some are more responsible than others.

The First world nations, with the industrialization and economic development are among the most privileged and rank in top among nations.T heir economy is booming and they lead the way for other less developed nations to follow. Yet , following to the development there have been various by –products given off , which have been extremely harmful to the environment we live in. The Co2 produced as by products of large factories and as emissions of vehicles etc. have increased and still increasing temperature on Earth by trapping the solar heat excessively.

We are all aware of causes and implications of earth’s rising temperature and global warming now .Recently, there have been undeniable calamines in various places in the world attributing to climatic change due to environmental pollution. The first world nations especially are now very actively participating in promotion of various campaigns against global warming and they are requesting other nations to join them. Recently,there was a summit held in Copenhagen where various world leaders participated, including the US President Barack Obama.The summit was about global climatic change.

There have now been suggested new legislation regarding the industrialization and production and manufacture so such to cut down on by product released in the atmosphere.This is going to contribute on environmental benefit but at the same time will bring economic development to a slow pace.The recently developing countries are going to be affected the most e.g. countries like India, China. Small underdeveloped countries like Nepal had done little in contributing to global warming effects as regards to producing industrial by-products in the air but nevertheless paying the price as the whole world.It’s once heavily snow covered mountains have begun melting due to global heat.

Fair or not, the price is here for all of to pay.For our sake and for the sake of future generations, the time has passed to lay the blame on each other and join hand in cause for a solution .


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