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Friday, March 26, 2010

Deforestation Affecting Environment

Deforestation Affecting Environment
Destruction of natural forest has brought about an environment crisis in different parts of the world. Forests maintain the proper balance of organisms, chemicals in the environment are either produced or absorbed by them and so they are the basis of our survival.They prevent soil erosion, floods and droughts. In the past there were plenty of forests and vegetation. But now they are facing the depletory effects of science and technology and population explosion. Deforestation breaks the delicate environmental balance , maintained by nature itself. Floods or droughts are the terrible consequences as are pollution and spread of infectious diseases.

Forests bear the responsibility to balance the ecosystem. Also the reduction of vegetative cover is a process which affect the agriculture, economic standard of living and environmental quality of virtually all nations.

Plenty of trees transpire the water collected on land and remove the conditions suitable for habitat of mosquitoes carrying a number of contiguous diseases. The main reason for deforestation in countries like Nepal , India and in the South Asia are-:

1.Inactiveness of guards or officers for forest protection. Strong group of private contractors fell trees by bribing the authorities or by exercising political pressure.

2.Deforestation for commercial purposes like manufacture of furnitures, packing of fruits or sports goods. Forest department cuts down trees for planting of teak and eucalyptus and for starting certain forest-based industries like plywood and paper.

3.Large scale urbanization, colonization and industrialization and construction of roads and water canals and drains covered alot of forests before.

To remedy the deforestation certain steps must be taken-Corrupt practices among officials of forest department are to be stopped and also there should be no exercise of political influence by private contractors. There must be checking on felling of trees even in one's own land or house, alternatives of excessive commercial use of timber must be discovered, manufacture of packing cases and cartoons should be replaced by some other material made from recycled wastes.


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