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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Environment(Ozone Depletion)

Environment(Ozone Depletion)

Ozone is a form of oxygen which is made up of three atoms instead of the the normal two.It is situated at about 16 to 48 kms above the Earth.It is also found in required amount at the lower atmosphere.

The sun emits ultraviolet rays which breaks up some of the oxygen molecules and releases oxygen atoms .Finally these oxygen atoms combine to form three-atom molecules of oxygen called ozone.

It is unpleasant and very dangerous to have it near and around,but beneficial and important for life at a distance.It causes deadly diseases like skin diseases,throat diseases,lungs diseases etc;if it increases at lower atmosphere.It also heats the atmosphere by absorbing ultraviolet radiation,and together with CO2 produces the so –called greenhouse effect.It helps to protect us from different type of diseases like skin cancer,lung cancer etc.;by absorbing ultaviolet radiation that comes directly from the sun.

Ozone is continously created and destroyed by the sun’s radiation.However an imbalance is created when chlorine atoms released from the earth,react with the oxygen molecules.When they reach the layer,the chlorine is converted into Monochloro Oxide(CIO)then combines with another oxygen atoms to form new oxygen molecules and a chlrorine atom.The chlorine can go onto break apart thousands of ozone molecules.The newly formed oxygen molecules do not block the ultra-violet light allowing it to penetrate on to the surface of the earth.This loss of ozone molecules is termed as depletion of ozone layer.It has been estimated that each atom of chlorine can destroy upto 100,000 molecules of ozone at a faster rate than the gas is replenishes naturally.

The agents responsible for ozone depletion are chloro-fluoro Carbon(CFC)Halons and related substances like carbon tetra chloride and methyle chloroform.The are widely use as propellants in aerosol sprays,as cleaning agents in the electronic industry and as solvent in several other industries.


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