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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Environmental Issues and It's Effects 1

Envionmental issues and it's effects1In the amazon forest a villager cuts down a tree .In new york,a business executive presses a button on a can and and gathers shaving cream on his hand or a houewife leaves a TVon standby mode.A group of experts trek through grassland in Australia facing difficulties and dangers of climate and insects like leeches and mosquitoes .A group of world leaders prepare for a summit in Rio de Janerio.Very different people doing very different things but all of these have one thing in commom:Environment.

The Amazonian and the New Yorker are both contributing to a hole in the ozone .What is the ozone layer?What can cause a whole in it and why is such a hole dangerous?The ozone layer or the ozonsphere is a layer of gas in the earth's atmospere which absorbs most of the sun's ultraviolet rays.It protects the living organisms from the same.

Excess amount of carbon dioxide ,chlorofluorocarbons(CFCs)and other green house gases are the main causes of holes in the ozone layer.The cutting of a tree by the Amazonian leaves the earth with one less plant to absorb the carbon dioxide given out by different things hence upsetting the ecological balance.Multiply this one tree by about a million to account for all the deforestation taking place,the number is extremely alarming.


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